Toona sinensis tree profile

Toona sinensis (scientific name: Toona sinensis) originated in China, widely distributed in the Yangtze River north and south regions, Meliaceae, deciduous trees, dioecious, was even-pinnate leaves, panicles, flowers were white, the fruit is oval capsule, wing-shaped seed, a seed. Tall trees, in addition to Chunya food, the landscape is the preferred species. Chunya nutritious, and have therapeutic effects, indications of exogenous cold, Fengshibitong, stomach pain, dysentery.

Chinese Scientific Name: Toon
Latin name: Toona sinensis.A.Juss.
Another name: Toon bell, incense Bell toon child
Sector: Flora
Door: angiosperm
Gang: Dicotyledon
 Head: Sapindales
Section: Meliaceae
Is: Toona
Species: Toona sinensis
Distribution area: most areas north and south China’s Yangtze River
English Name: Fruit of Chinese Toona…

Toona sinensis (A. Juss.) Roem sinensis is a tall arbor trees, native to China. People eating toon long learning has become, over the Han river on the north and south. Toon said the ancient farming Shangwang the piles, called the tree of heaven Ailanthus. Families and genera】 【Meliaceae Toona spring for the growth of buds and leaves. 【Alias】 Shan Chun, Hu Mu tree, eye of the tiger, big eyes Tong, Chun flowers, toon head, Sprout.

Toona sinensis tree profile

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