Bread tree

Bread tree

Chinese Scientific Name: Bread Tree
Latin name: Artocarpus altilis
Do not say: bread fruit
Sector: Flora
Door: Door Magnoliophyta Angiosperms
Gang: Dicotyledon Magnoliopsida
 Head: Rosales Rosales
Section: Moraceae Moraceae
Are: Katsuragi is Artocarpus
Species: bread tree A. altilis
Distribution region: Fiji, Polynesia, Tahiti, etc., Brazil, India, Sri Lanka

Luo, also known as honey tree, capers, surface-pound tree. Originating from the Malay Peninsula and Boliniya now because of human communication and distribution of Polynesia, southern India, the Caribbean and other tropical regions. Fruit edible, flavor similar to bread, hence the name. “Bread tree” originated in the South Pacific islands countries, such as Fiji, French Polynesia, Tahiti, etc.. In Brazil, India, Sri Lanka and other countries and have grown in tropical regions of Africa. China’s Guangdong and Taiwan, have grown.

Evergreen tree, generally more than 10 meters high, up more than 40 meters. Trunk stout, leafy, leaves large and beautiful three-color leaf. Monoecious, the female flowers integration sphere, male integrated spike. In its branches, the trunk until the root, can, the result of the time within one year and 9 months. Each fruit is formed from a poly inflorescence flower and fruit, fruit full, sweet taste, nutrition is very rich, rich in starch and is rich in vitamin A and B and a small amount of protein and fat.

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